8The Breakup Survival Guide 101

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Falling in love is like getting a new car. At first, you feel so excited you can finally call it yours. You'll be so proud and happy driving to places with it. You'll always be on the lookout for scratches and unusual noises. It's such a beautiful feeling to love and be loved, no doubt. It's about feeling excited when you're together, having butterflies in your stomach, and making new memories with someone so close to you.

However, you get used to your car after a while. The exciting feeling fades away and you won't be as attentive as you were. You get lazier to have something fixed. Eventually, these little things will accumulate and later on have bigger problems for you. When things go wrong, that's where love gets difficult. The heart gets hurt, the mind gets confused, and the whole thing just ends like a snap. That's a breakup.

Heartbreak is one of the most painful and devastating kind of hurt. You cry for days, mope for weeks, think about it for months. It's a pain you can't escape from unless you actually go through it. When it's too much, it might even lead to heartbreak depression. This is an issue that is going on for a while and so you probably already have an idea what this is.

  1. Cry it all out. Let all the hurt leave your system.
  2. Distract yourself to heal — avoid the heartbreaking thoughts by working out, reading or watching self-help books/movies, etc. Keep yourself busy!
  3. Open up and find emotional support. Talk to your friends, go to therapy if you need to, look up online forums where there are people with the same situation as you.
  4. Distance yourself from the ex. It will be hard to move on if he/she is always around.
  5. Don't jump from the ex to a new replacement. That never works out. Stop masking the pain and just be patient. You'll move on soon.
  6. Go out! Alone time is good, but not too much.
  7. Take your time. Don't rush things because the only way out is through. No shortcuts.
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If you’ve seen the movie The Fault in our Stars, you know very well that “pain demands to be felt”. It hurts like hell and it’s not easy to through any kind of pain, but you will. Heartbreak depression is as real as any other existing illness so, stay strong and never lose hope. Lastly, don’t hate love for experiencing heartbreak because according to Wizards of Waverly Place, “one heartbreak is a step closer to the person reserved for you”. Keep fighting!

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