9 Ways To Look Expensive

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Amidst all the athleisure and girl next door styles coming out of nowhere, the classic style still stands strong and unbeatable. Even though recent fashion trends have shaded the spotlight of elegance in dressing up, anyone who dons an elegant ensemble will always shine through. It's easy to get noticed with what you wear, but will you be remembered?

If you want to be admired even after you've left the room, maybe it's time you ditch your old style and build a whole new you with an upgraded wardrobe! Here are nine ways to look classy and expensive.

Go for minimal makeup and neutral colored nails. Don't go too overboard with makeup unless you're going to a themed party or a photoshoot. The best way to look expensive is to just enhance your features. As for your nails, one common choice is to go for french tip nails. Other than that, solid and neutral colors are the way to go.

Add fresh fragrance. Look for a scent that suits you best and apply it to your skin at major pulse points — wrists, elbows, nape of neck, ankles, back of knees, and between your thighs — because it is said that the scents will last longer in these parts of the body. It has been advised not to apply it on your clothes and your hair as this is not the proper and “expensive” way to do it. Now that you know this, try this out and see the difference!

Tuck it in and layer with classic coats. This makes an instant expensive looking outfit. Tucking in your top makes you look more polished and put together. Invest in high quality coats that will last you for a long time. Just take a look at Victoria Beckham and be inspired!

Wear hefty accessories. Impulse buying usually happens when we see pretty and affordable accessories but similar items that better in terms of quality and design can easily elevate accessories. Go for clear crystals over plastic gemstones, and choose darker metals over excessively shiny ones. Plus, some of the best accessories to top your outfit with is something with gems and pearls. To give you an idea, check out this Love-Friendship-Family Freshwater Pearl Necklace from Sattaj Collections!

Sturdy handbags, high-quality belts and durable shoes are your best friends. Quality items are worth the investment. Go for classic designs — for bags, choose structured top-handle bag for the office & crossbody bag for the weekend;  for shoes, go for those refined pairs with a little bit of heels just so your feet won't lay so flat on the floor as this design is usually seen in inexpensive footwear; for belts, make sure they last long because some gets worn out very easily. Lastly, since we’re on the topic, the ultimate rule to looking expensive is to match these three as much as possible.


Avoid animal print.  Steer clear from leopard/cheetah prints, zebra print, etc. It's best to stick to solid patterns and neutral colors. This will elevate your look by instantly looking timelessly classy. Match them with the right jewelry and you'll look luxurious.


Pay attention to details. If you see a loose thread, cut it off. If buttons are too tacky for the polo shirt you bought? Replace for a better button. In other words, never wear an item of clothing with a stain, hole, missing button, wrinkles, etc. You know that they say, “it’s the little details that go a long way”.


When in doubt, have it altered. The perfect fit is guaranteed to look expensive as it hugs your curves as if it's custom made for you. Anything custom made costs a few more bucks than usual, and not to mention it looks better when it’s the perfect size! If there’s something that should be made for you in this world, let it be your clothes.

Lastly, don’t forget to maintain the pristine condition of everything that you own. What’s the purpose of owning something high class and dressing up expensively if you don’t wipe them clean with the right materials. For example, stuff your bags and shoes before storing them properly in their respective dust bags and in appropriate places where there is no direct sunlight (unless stated otherwise).


So what now? Is it time to change your wardrobe? Just make use of what you have and follow these simple steps so you don’t spend too much looking rich. If you want some fashion upgrades, do it one at a time so you don’t hurt your wallet! The next time you dress up, keep in mind the style advice by Italian Fashion Designer, Giorgio Armani: “Elegance is not about being noticed, it's about being remembered.”

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