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As this campaign organization has widely influencing the different continents of the world, there came an idea to make an accessory to those who don’t want to imprint the symbol on their wrists a Semicolon ring. It may be unusual that instead of being mark it on the hand, but it is very alternative to some.


Behind such beautiful smiles of a person is a past that is haunting their sweet dreams. The symbol of semicolon ring plays a big role to those who have suffered depression, self-harm, anxiety, and any other forms of mental illnesses. Some may see this as a thing that is so childish, but they never know how difficult it is to struggle from drowning in the depths of despair. In addition, the real meaning of semicolon ring is that, it represents a sentence that could have ended by the author, but have chosen not to. The author portrays as you, and the sentence is the symbol of your life. An effortless symbol of the semicolon ring in both continuing and hope, and an assertion that has bestowed the power to the person to keep on moving forward.


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This is actually an organization that is sought to give a helping hand to those who have felt loneliness and an isolation. Luckily, up until this day, the event of promoting life appreciation through semicolon ring has been successful and was able to aid those who have lost hope.


There may be times that it would be difficult to remember that life must keep on going, amidst the darkest part of one’s life, so this results to imprinting the symbol on the wrist to keep in mind and also a preventing technique to help anyone in overcoming and to recover eventually. Besides, you are the captain of your ship, the author of your story, and ending a sentence will never be a solution.


In the internet, you can find variety of semicolon rings that has been proposed by online shopping websites.


A semicolon ring is a perfect gift for a friend you know that is struggling as of the moment.


There is nothing to worry about especially that the semicolon ring has different sizes that would fit in any size of a finger. Furthermore, aside from just a plain semicolon ring, there are also available semicolon gold ring and a semicolon ring sterling silver.


They are not just a ring, but has different pattern and styles to be satisfying for both the motivational purpose and fashion.



A semicolon ring sterling silver has the capability to emphasize the art of keep going and its simplicity.


This is a stainless steel that it suitable to those who want it elegant in silver. In addition, this type of a semicolon ring is unique in its way and so as the semicolon gold ring.





On the other hand,



A semicolon gold ring also has a distinct detailed pattern for those who love gold.


It is not only for the purpose of wearing it, but it could remind the person that life must go on. This semicolon gold ring has the goal to keep any one safe against ending one’s life and fortunately, so far, the semi gold ring has help many people already.


If you want a semicolon ring that would have a heavy sentimental value to you, then I would suggest to make one using the available raw materials in your home. Your semicolon ring will not only be just giving you hope, but the thought of exerting too much effort to it to build a motivational tool for you has a great impact. Whenever you look at it, you won’t see it as a semi colon ring, but as a semi colon ring with your story behind it. Although, it may be inevitable that some of the people would rather purchase a semicolon ring for fashion purposes, but when they will know the story behind each person wearing the semicolon ring, it will inspire them to be grateful enough to have a loving family that would support them.

As of the moment, semicolon rings are in surprisingly in demand everywhere, especially in the United States.


These semicolon rings are not popular for women but to men also. In addition, there are styles and designs of a semicolon ring that is suitable for man to emphasize their manliness to keep on going in life. A semicolon ring not only for the both ages but also in all ages.


Today, the semicolon ring is still influencing other people, despite of the years passed since the movement began. According to some, it is indeed difficult to fight against the battle within theirself, instead of contributing new to the others. The semicolon ring may be part of a non-profitable movement in dedication to represent love, motivation and hope, it means greater to someone who have suffered painfully.


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