Top 10 list of best women's clothing stores online in 2018

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With the advent of the internet and advanced technology, people today are are somehow slowly shifting from the life offline to a life in the online world. There are a lot of people who monitor their cash balance through bank apps in smartphones instead of personally going to an ATM. Also, if you noticed, lesser people are shopping in plus size clothing stores or cheap clothing stores lined up downtown because they might prefer to stay at home and browse through clothing stores online.

The shift change that’s been going on lately is driving many businesses to venture into online strategies in order to make profit. So it’s not really a surprise if there will be more online businesses in the future, given the huge population of the online market.

To cater to stylish consumers who love to shop for clothes, online clothing stores are slowly taking the internet by storm. There are those who specialize in sustainable fashion, hand-picked outfit styles, plus size clothes, etc. If it seems hard for you to look for pop up plus size clothing stores, you probably have a higher chance of finding one in just a few clicks.


You may have come across a lot of online women's clothing shops out there. We did too! that's why we carefully picked out the best of the bests in 2018's list for you, look no further. Here are the "still" must-go online stores for women this year.


 top women's clothing stores online 2018


List of women's clothing stores

1) Sattaj Collections

Sattaj Collections is a brand that consists of a variety of the latest products in the market, including women’s clothing. The team behind Sattaj is composed of dynamic and hard working individuals who are passionate to give you the best items you need to make your life more fun and interesting. At Sattaj, you can find dresses, sexy plus size swimwear, jumpsuits and many more!

sattaj collections fashion wear dress

2) SparkFire Active

SparkFire Active is a brand of activewear that specially designed for growing teenage girls. As a newly launched brand in 2017, they believe that there is a fire within every girl who is ready to ignite confidence, strength, and passion as they grow up to be remarkable women in the future. According to SparkFire Active Founder and Chief FireStarter, Samantha Hodgkins, girls should have the opportunity to help others and Spark It Forward to other girls around the world — which is why they are a for-profit and for-good social enterprise that funds and supports girls’ education with a donation from every SparkFire Active Purchase.


3) Fauna

A brand that’s big on eco-friendly clothes for women, Fauna is the first global marketplace that focuses on sustainable fashion from Brazil. They aim to be the go- to fashion brand of women who love clothes without negatively affecting our world and the others living in it. Launched back in 2017, they offer a selection of sustainable and one-of-a-kind fashion items crafted by talented Brazilian designers. The team behind Fauna is based in USA and Brazil, and it was founded in 2016 by Carolina Perlingiere, Lilian Liu and Rafaela Machado.


4) UrbaneBox

UrbaneBox is an online styling service that provides effortless style to both men and women. How it works: you sign up and fill out their questionnaire where you could tell them about your style. Once completed, it will be sent to their styling team so they could customize packages for you based on the given information. Stylists for UrbaneBox will then select clothes and send you a curated package based on your style preference. You can email your assigned stylist anytime if you have any question or a special request. All you have to do now is wait for your package. Easy as pie!

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5) Ungalli Clothing Co.

At Ungalli, they stay committed to changing the game in the fashion world by raising awareness of the negative impact the mainstream clothing industry has on people, wildlife and the planet. With their products, expect good quality and excellent style while expressing who you are and what you stand for. They offer a variety of items such as caps, bracelets, t-shirts, hoodies and a lot more.


6) Anatomie

Founded by Kate and Shawn Boyer back in 2006 after years in an activewear business, Anatomie is a name that speaks to the impeccable fit and sleek tailoring of the brand’s designs. “We know a woman’s body- all the different types and fits that flatter each shape best”, says Kate Boyer. With Kate as CEO and Shawn as Creative Director, they transitioned their activewear background into the athleisure category and taking it to the next level as a travel-specific luxury line with exclusive distribution and marketing partnerships. If this suits your style, then today’s your lucky day because you just found a perfect online shop for you!


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7) Doing It Sober

Doing It Sober (DIS) is a clothing brand for the Recovery Community, and it offers unique and inspiring clothes that represent freedom. Nothing screams fashion with a message than Doing It Sober. Daniella Park, founder of DIS, aims to invite people to the journey to recovery and share the passion to live. She aims to be able to help all those who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. This summer, it’s all about being fearless and DIS is devoted to let the wanderlust in every person reign with their bold & proud activist lifestyle tees and tanks.


8) Chanabana 

Empowering religious women to exercise without compromising modesty, Chanabana is a brand that offers bright-colored and beautiful activewear for women. This was born when Chana Rachel Weinberg’s spiritual journey limited her choices in the kind sportswear she wanted to wear. She wanted to do something about it and so there was Chanabana. It started out having a single running dress, but now it offers running skirts with a longer length, swimsuits and head coverings. They specialize in bright colors, various skirt and dress lengths, ultra-light fabrics, and flattering cuts for women with different body figures with sizes that reach to XXL. So for those looking for plus size clothing stores, you might to check out Chanabana’s items.


9) La Vie en Rose

Where women are their inspiration, La Vie en Rose is the kind of brand that celebrates a woman’s unique beauty from all angles. They ensure that all their products — bras, lingeries, tankini swimwear, etc. — are more than what they really are. La Vie en Rose products deliver comfort and display exquisite details which highlight the quality of their craftsmanship. The people behind the brand works passionately in providing their customers with only the best by choosing their materials with great care and paying attention when choosing fabrics to offer comfortable clothes that will feel good on the skin. To top it all off, this women inspired brand supports and values women. It is said that majority of the employees of La Vie en Rose  are women, and 65% of management positions are held by women. So what’s not to love about this brand?


lavie en rose


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10) Max Studio

Bringing you a Eurocentric sensibility to your style, Max Studio is a brand that is already over 30 years old. They say age comes with experience, so it’s no doubt that Max Studio has been serving the right looks to have made it this far. This stands true as you can see in the products in their online shop. There are dresses, knitwear, jumpsuits and rompers, and a lot more! The genius behind this excellent clothing brand is a Russian-American fashion designer and retailer, Leon Max. When asked how he would define a good outfit, he said “When you feel like a duchess in it but could also go to a local pub and not feel overdressed”. If this is the kind of outfit you want to have your hands on, go ahead and shop ‘til you drop at Max Studio!


max studio tankini



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Having given the best online stores for women’s clothing, may reading this blog post have saved you the time of searching long for the hottest clothing brands and plus size clothing stores in the online market. Fill your closet with a pile of new clothes from these online clothing stores! No need to travel far, just stay home and visit their websites. With just a few clicks, experience a fun and convenient way of shopping! What are you waiting for? Shop now.


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