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Imagine this:

"An email just came in and says you’ve been invited to a fancy lunch wherein you will be dining with your boss and clients. It will be held in an expensive four-star restaurant where they serve the best fine dining cuisine in town. This will be a social event where you make business connections and build friendships for the betterment of the company."


So here’s the problem now: “What should I wear?” Any social event calls for a fashion emergency. If only there was a hotline like 911 you could call when you need help with what to wear, right? Fear not! The sartorial gods are watching over you and that is why they brought you here. This article is here to introduce you to a road not taken in the city of fashion; an underrated fashion piece and a versatile style statement: THE JUMPSUIT.

What is a Jumpsuit?

A Jumpsuit is a fashion blessing from above for someone like you who needs a go-to piece that will have you looking classy and elegant wherever you go. It is a top and trousers all in one go. Although it is slowly gaining a spot in the limelight, somehow it still comes second right after the dress.

When the sartorial gods declared “Let there be Jumpsuits”, I’m pretty sure that wearing this one piece of women's clothing wasn’t meant to be the road not taken. For me, it’s meant to be the first thing that pops into someone’s mind when there’s an event to go to! It’s a fashion piece that is created to be praised, not feared. Yes, it’s a bold choice of wardrobe that demands attention but once you embrace all its wonders, there’s no turning back. You will feel like an empowered and a changed woman, who might even end up thinking that a dress is just child’s play.

A dressy jumpsuit is a versatile piece which you can wear comfortably while making a statement and it comes in various styles to fit any occasion — formal, semi-formal, business casual, and casual. It’s just a matter of how you wear it and what you style a jumpsuit with that will determine it.

Dress vs. Jumpsuit

If you compare both fashion pieces, it has the same concept of a dress: it’s one and done. You need not worry about mixing and matching clothes because you already have both in one go. A jumpsuit is just like a dress, but with pants instead of a skirt. Both are equally comfortable and stylish, and both have different styles that are perfect for any event. Here’s a rundown of the comparisons I’ve observed between a dress and a jumpsuit.


dressy jumpsuits vs rompers dress chart


Most of the things above are already self-explanatory, but I want to briefly discuss a specific point. Take a look at the third bullet for each category. As you can see, dresses are easy to pull off, while jumpsuits need a little bit of confidence for you to look good in it. It’s easy to wear a dress because that’s just how it’s made — effortlessly beautiful. As for dressy jumpsuits, it’s easy for the jumpsuits to wear you. If wearing them still feels unsure or weird, start on the safe side first and “test the waters” before diving into bolder choices when it comes to jumpsuits.

Just like in an unrequited love situation, the dressy jumpsuit is not always the first choice. However, if you do choose to wear this high and mighty fashion piece, you have to know your body type and accept your flaws for you to have confidence — that’s how to rock any outfit.

Now that’s cleared up, you already know what a jumpsuit is, the next question is: “Is there a difference between a jumpsuit and a romper? The answer is yes.


   jumpsuit for women rompers for women sattaj collections


Both clothing pieces are onesies, which is a top and bottom in one. The only difference is that a romper bottom is shorts while a jumpsuit bottom is trousers. Dressy rompers and jumpsuits are both comfortable, which is why it should be the next wardrobe staple to make it into the limelight in fashion. Rompers are perfect for casual days out and summertime spent at the beach. Depending on the style, a romper could also be worn for a night out, but rarely on formal occasions. Dressy jumpsuits are perfect for any occasion. There are casual jumpsuits, dressy jumpsuits for weddings, and even dressy jumpsuits for evening wear.


  taning tatum wife wears jumpsuits kendall wearing jumpsuits jlo wearing red jumpsuits dress



What is a Romper? How is it different from a Jumpsuit?

It seems that many people have been asking about what a romper exactly is. Isn't only for women? Are there rompers for men too? Is it stylish for both sexes? There's no one-word answer for this because it has become an interesting issue to talk about and so here we are. Questions like “What is a romper? What is a male romper? What do rompers for men look like?” shall be answered right here, right now. Read on to feed your curiosity.

First of all, a romper is a one-piece clothing that is composed of a top and shorts attached as one. It’s the shorts version of a dress or a shorter & sexier version of a jumpsuit. A dress, a romper, and a jumpsuit are all one-and-done garments that are hassle-free to wear and pretty easy to style. Depending on the design, you may wear it casually or formally. When you get an invite to a chill or cocktail party, a romper should be on the top of your list of what you could possibly wear.




Are there rompers for men?

For so many years, rompers have dominated in the women's fashion mainstream. It has been a feminine style, and that makes it kind of awkward for men to even think about wearing them. Yes, a romper is usually worn by women, but fashion is quite different now. In 2017, a group of young brilliant minds came up with the idea of male rompers which they call the "RompHim". It was launched as the "Project RompHim" by Kickstarter, a website that helps artists, musicians, filmmakers, designers, and other creators find the resources and support they need to make their ideas a reality. There were several choices to choose from as there were different colors like pastel hues and prints like polka dots pattern.



The rompers for men, or "RompHim", was made to give men more clothing options that are different, comfortable, versatile, and stylish. This one-piece clothing is said to be a revolution to men's fashion, but the fact that Kickstarter was able to raise an amount that is 13 times the goal amount, means that many people love the idea. The concept of men's rompers took the internet by storm and opened doors to different conversations and debates. It became the subject for silly jokes and mockery but on the plus side, people discovered that rompers for men exist. Then came the serious topics related to male rompers: "Would you date a guy who wore a romper? Shouldn't people feel free to wear whatever they want without being judged?”

Did you know that male rompers are not new? Here's a little background.

Before the controversial RompHim or male rompers, onesies for men already existed way before. They were called jumpsuits, a one-piece garment that ran had a long sleeve top and pants as its bottoms. These jumpsuits — sometimes called overalls — were worn by construction workers, car racers and mechanics, hazmat specialists, military aviators, and other blue-collared workers.




Now that we established that jumpsuits were used way before when most of us were born, let’s talk about rompers. You might have already read this somewhere but in case you haven’t yet, rompers are not new as well. “Really?!” was my reaction too. It turns out that James Bond was already ahead of this recent trend as he rocked a male romper in the 1964 film, “Goldfinger”. I gotta admit, he doesn’t look that bad. It actually looks kinda cool, don’t you think?


(Photo credits to the person who pointed this out on Twitter!)


Okay, back to women’s rompers. Let me show you some examples of dressy rompers you would surely love to have for yourself.





If you see something you like, you might want to check out the romper selection of Sattaj Collections right here!


If you’re a romper or jumpsuit virgin, don’t be afraid to try it! Once you do, you will love everything about it. Read on to know all about jumpsuits including when and where to wear dressy jumpsuits, how to wear a jumpsuit, how to style it, and many more! Immerse yourself in the concept of womens dressy jumpsuits and you won’t regret it.


Why do people wear Jumpsuits?

Well aside from the features of a jumpsuit stated in the venn diagram above, there are more reasons as to why people wear jumpsuits. This manly overall inspired piece of clothing made it to the women’s section because designers find it so interesting that it’s an unbroken clothing that starts from the top all the way to the feet of a person.

It’s a style statement on its own and becomes so much more once accessorized and paired with the right pieces. Dressy jumpsuits are the fashion pieces that have the perfect balance of comfort and style. They are also the best fashion piece to experiment with. Because of its one-piece style, little details make all the difference and these details are the make or break moment of a jumpsuit when it’s already worn. There are many different ways to wear a jumpsuit, you just have to consider where you’re going, who you will be with, and of course your body type.

To give you a visual idea, I’ve gathered some videos on Youtube that cover the topic: How To Style Jumpsuits. Watch and learn how they do some sartorial magic with the right jackets, belts, shoes, and bags!


This first video is by Lauren Messiah, a Los Angeles based personal stylist, speaker, educator, and a style expert. Know what a style expert has to say about jumpsuits and get some tips on how to wear them! She has over 40,000 subscribers on Youtube talking about all things fashion and style. If you want to know more about Lauren, check out her blog here.

Can you believe jumpsuits are not new to the fashion world? It’s been here for a while now but it still hasn’t made it to the top of life-changing trends! Even though it’s already be adored by fashion enthusiasts, many people are yet to take in the idea of wearing jumpsuits. Just take a look at this video from way back 2014 by Sydne Summer. She is a Youtuber who gives out fashion and beauty tips, as well as exclusive interviews and stylish collaborations. Like Lauren Messiah, Sydne also has a blog called Sydne Style.

This last video I recommend to you is by Wendy’s Lookbook 2. If you’re confused what to pair that bright orange jumpsuit for a business meeting, or that black dressy jumpsuits with sleeves, this is something you should watch. Wendy’s goal as a Youtuber is to share outfit suggestions, create fun pairing ideas, and play with shapes and colors. She actually has two channels: the one linked above and this one which is her first channel. Check out her video and be inspired to wear a dressy jumpsuit!


Finding The Right Jumpsuit For Your Body Type

Are jumpsuits for everyone? Yes, of course! Why not? If you look good in a dress, why the heck wouldn’t you look good in a jumpsuit? While dressy jumpsuits can be very intimidating, you need not be afraid of it. The trick here is to know your body. This will let you be aware of what parts of your body you should emphasize and how to balance out what you wear.

There are two things you should consider to figure out which type of jumpsuit is for you. You must be aware of your height and your body type. Are you tall or petite? Are you thin, curvy or plus size?

In the case of dressy jumpsuits, little details matter. Ruffles, stripes, off-shoulder or cold shoulder, long sleeve, cropped pants, wide-leg trousers — they determine if it’s the jumpsuit for you or not.

For more specific body types like the big busted women and those with wide hips, check out these style tips by Janice Meredith as she gives you tips and hacks to wearing a jumpsuit. This is a video brought to you by Cityline which is entitled, “4 Stylish Jumpsuits to Fit Your Body”.

According guest stylist, Janice Meredith, one hack to finding the jumpsuit for your body type is:


"Just think about how you would dress your dress. Like how you know what kind of dress shape you’re gonna pick -like what are those point s and details - apply those same rules to a jumpsuit and that is your quick hack".


In short, just think about what kind of dress you would wear, and apply the same preference to a jumpsuit. Moreover, the key to finding the jumpsuit is the fabric, drape, and the cut. Keep these three factors in mind and you’re good to go.


Types of Jumpsuits and The Perfect One for Your Body Type

As I’ve mentioned, there are different jumpsuit styles that look so flawlessly beautiful, especially when it highlights your body features. If you’re a jumpsuit virgin, get to know the different types of jumpsuit style trends that should know about: fitting, layered,  faux waist, tight, deep V, wide-leg, tapered, and tight


  • Fitting Jumpsuits - All body typeskim khardasian wears jumpsuits and rompers

    This refers to the perfect fit. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose and definitely not too short or too long for you. Also, it’s best not to forget about the crotch area. Because it’s a one piece clothing from neck to feet, it’s a little bit harder to sit down if you didn’t think about the crotch measurement. So just don’t forget about the measurements in the arm, crotch and leg area and everything will be okay.










  • Layered Jumpsuits - Square body types

    Dressy jumpsuits that have layers create a more structured and complex look. It also adds a dimension to a person’s figure making them look sophisticated and chic. It’s best to pick out layered jumpsuits in solid colors or simple patterns.

Jourdan Dunn jumpsuits and rompers



  • Faux Waist - Square & Curvy body types 

    Defining the waist is a definite yes when it comes to jumpsuits. This fashion hack suits any body type as it accentuates your body and gives you a sexy silhouette. To get the most flattering look, wear those with intricate and delicate patterns.

    perfect jumpsuits sizes
    You could also go for the color blocking technique to create an elegant and timeless look.


  • Tight Jumpsuits - Slim body types, and Tall or Petite

    Tight jumpsuits are perfect for thin women don’t have to conceal anything. The tight feature of the jumpsuit will highlight their slim body which will also end up in flattering their height. This is also a great type for petite girls as the tightness will give the illusion of length, making them look taller.











  • V - Neck Jumpsuits- Big bust body types

niki minaj jumpsuits for fashionA low neckline will flatter and minimize a woman’s big bust by not covering it up with fabric. Many people would think that hiding their bust would make it look smaller, but it’s actually better to let those babies out! Well, not all out of course. Balance it out by defining your waist and wearing a wide-leg type. Bonus tip: draw attention on your waist with stripes or a belt.





>More about the products here: Women's - Jumpsuit and Rompers


  • Wide-leg Jumpsuits, Tall Frames

    One of the advantages of being tall is that you can pull off a decent amount of fabric effortlessly. Wide leg jumpsuits are for you as this will highlight your height and at the same time flatter your body. For wide leg jumpsuits that reach the floor, you can wear heels or flats as this won’t be seen anyway.

    cameron diaz jumpsuits red fashion

    A wide leg jumpsuit can be worn by petite frames too BUT it’s best to wear heels with it to lengthen the legs. Women with tall frames can also play around with different lengths in jumpsuits. For example, you can choose a wide leg jumpsuit that has a length that stops just right above the ground or above your ankles. Pair it with flats or boots, and you have a unique look going on there.


    • Tapered Jumpsuits, Petite Frames

    If you have a petite frame, go for tapered and cropped jumpsuits. You could also go for jumpsuits that have sexy cuts in the abdominal area for an alluring look. Too much fabric can easily swallow up your small size, so be sure to stick to jumpsuits with a tapered hemline that prevents the fabric to end up near your ankle area, as well as slimmer silhouettes to make you look taller. Additional tip: go for plain colors or vertical stripes for continuity from top to bottom just to give the illusion of a taller frame.

    victoria beckham wears jumpsuits black



    Best Accessories and Styles That Match Dressy Jumpsuits 


    Dressy rompers and jumpsuits are already a fashion statement on its own and you can totally rock a minimalist style, but you could up your jumpsuit game with the help of accessories. It can serve as the pop of color to your whole ensemble, or an attention seeker that distracts people from that big bust you’re trying to minimize.

    rompers and jumpsuits accessories fit


    Don’t be afraid to add some more fabric to your jumpsuit because sometimes, layers can actually give shape and add a silhouette to your outfit. Grab that denim jacket and wear it over your black tight and tapered outfit or don that fitted satin blazer over you military green jumpsuit. For casual days, you can even just tie a jacket or a flannel around your waist to define your shape. (You may go back to the video above by Wendy’s Lookbook or by Sydne Summer for reference.)


     Kate Hudson jumpsuits and jackets fashion selena gomez rompers jumpsuits over jackets cool fashion




    Because a jumpsuit is already a statement, a big bag might be too much. Ideally, the kind of bags that looks best with a jumpsuit are clutch bags and small chained sling bags. Handbags are okay but make sure it looks simple enough that it wouldn’t overpower your jumpsuit. A jumpsuit is already a large piece of fabric with sleeves and legs, so another big fashion piece might clash and end up looking funny.

    jumpsuit and rompers best accessories



    The same rule in bags applies to the shoes. Choose thin & strappy heels so you can show skin in the lower area. You can also wear stilettos for a more credible or official look, especially when you’re wearing a dressy jumpsuit to work. For casual looks, you can wear sneakers for utmost comfort and a laid-back aura. The next time you wonder what shoes to wear with a black dressy jumpsuit, you already know


    shoes best for rompers and jumpsuits


    Whether it’s a formal or casual occasion, you can never go wrong with a dressy jumpsuit. Just remember all the key points mentioned in this article:

    • Consider the fabric, drape and the cut.
    • Know your body type and frame.
    • Make sure it fits you perfectly.
    • Little details matter.
    • Always remember to be confident.


    Let’s go back to that fancy lunch that you got invited to, do you think a jumpsuit would fit perfectly for that social event with your boss and clients? It’s classy, striking, and empowering — the three things you need to look as presentable as possible. This is a fashion problem solved with just a one-piece garment that makes a statement. Remember that there are different styles and cuts for different social events and occasions. Just pick the material and the fit that flatters your body the most and you’ll surely turn heads and drop jaws with your whole ensemble.


    Go forth and don that dressy jumpsuit you’ve been wanting to wear. Chin up and stand tall, beautiful human. Give justice to the gift that the sartorial gods blessed us with!


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