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They say cats are like humans — moody and sometimes cannot be understood. One minute they want attention, then the next thing you know, they want to be left alone. Despite all these, pet lovers out there will always have a soft spot for their adorably moody feline friend.

To know more about these mysterious yet charming creatures, here fun facts to get you engaged:

Cats are sleepy heads — On weekends or day off, we humans would love to sleep in or if that’s not enough, we’d spend the whole day sleeping. Waking up to eat then going back to sleep, I mean who doesn’t love sleep? Cats are creatures who love to sleep a lot anytime and anywhere that by the time they turn 9 years old, they might have been only awake for 3 years their whole life.

Left and Right — When we were kids, our parents taught us how to write and helped us make use of whatever hand we are comfortable with. If we were used to writing in the right hand then we’d grow up with our right hand as the dominant one, the same goes for the lefties out there. But for cats, it's all about the gender. If you observe carefully your male and female feline friends, most female cats are right-pawed while most males are left-pawed.

Chit Chat — We humans bond with each other by talking about one’s life, it is a form of catching up when we finally meet a friend we last saw ages ago. The more we talk to each other, the stronger the bond. And like humans, if you bond with your cat by having a night of chit chat, they will more likely talk back to you and might even be more talkative!

What Even Is Sweet? — Even as kids, we love candies, chocolates and all things sweet that our parents have to control our sugar intake. Unfortunately for cats who are affectionately sweet, they cannot taste anything of the kind. Their taste buds were not designed to taste what we love so much and our guilty pleasure. Too bad for feline friend since it somehow describes them.

Answer To All Wonder! — Between cats and dogs, a cat's brain is more likely comparable to us humans. Their brain have almost the same sections of a human brain which control emotion, which may be the reason why cats act like a girl on her period at times.

After reading all those feline facts, aren't they just so cool? No wonder it's included in the list of most popular pets in the world. They are so much like us humans which makes them even more loveable! What's not to love about cats, right? Show your adoration for these feline creatures with this pretty Cat Jewelry Set from Sattaj Collections!

This three piece animal set (Earrings, Necklace, Ring) is all made of 925 sterling silver  and is surely a high quality product that you will surely love. Rest assured that the quality is checked for customer satisfaction. To top it all off, you can get it for a very affordable price. It’s perfect to wear on a casual day to run errands for a cute and classy combo look! Don’t miss out on the hottest items in the market and get your own cat jewelry set now. Happy shopping!

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