Five Types of Female Fashion Styles

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Fashion is like the English language — it is a complicated subject which needs more attention to detail than usual. Just like the English language, fashion is a universal thing. Everyone knows the basics, but not all can be bothered to get deep into it.

In a girl's world, dressing up is a big thing. It's like there's an unspoken rule that girls must always look their best. But just like anything else in the world, fashion isn't in line with everyone's interest so there are really a number of people who can't be bothered with this. It isn't necessarily a bad thing because they would be infusing their own personality and style to what they're wearing regardless if they are trendy or not.

With that said, there are different kinds of fashion girls — sporty, girly, trendy, etc. Get to know what types of girls there are and get to know their style.


Well, you already know it. These are the girls who are up to date with the trends. They are usually the first to try them on and follow it. Girls like these regularly update their wardrobe according to trends. Whatever is in is probably already paid for and ready to wear the next day.


Simply beautiful and comfortable are their go to styles.  Many casual girls look effortlessly chic and makes it look like a classic trend. It's a common look for a day-to-day routine so it's all about infusing your own personality into it for someone to stand out.


This style usually consists of dresses and heels and accessories that shouts feminine. Most of their outfits have lace details, hearts, flowers, sparkles, and pale colors.

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These rings are trendy which trendy girls might be into. It has a simple yet elegant design which is a great accessory for a simple day out which would also look great on casual girls. They have the right amount of sparkles and shine which girly girls might love to pair their outfits with.


Girl Next Door

Striped tees, cute shirts, shorts, tennis shoes or sneakers are the girl next door staples. It's all about being adorable and casual. This style embraces such a youthful and teenage look, while looking so comfortable in just sneakers.


Speaking of tennis shoes/sneakers, this brings us to the Sporty girls. Athleisure is a thing now so sporty girls look better than ever. Girls with this style wear apparels from known activewear brands such as Adidas and Nike. The wear outfits that are comfortably simple but shouts "sports" from top to bottom.

Aside from these five styles, there's exotic, vintage, gothic, punk/rocker chick, tomboy look, business style, cowgirl, bohemian, preppy, and glamorous style. Whatever style you like best, embrace it, it's yours. Always remember what Rachel Zoe once said, "Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak".


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