Manifestation of A Gloomy Life

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Depression has become a serious matter to tackle the past years up to now and became a complex topic to research about. Depression is said to be a real illness that impacts the brain and it's not just a simple feeling of being "down".

Research says the factors which contribute to depression comprises of genetics, change in hormone levels, certain medical condition, stress, grief or difficult life circumstances. An estimated 21% of women and 12% of men in the U.S alone experience depression at some point in their lives, with this, depression is, unfortunately, becoming a prevailing condition.

Some people experience depression when they are struck with a serious illness or disorder and found no hope of being cured. While some become depressed due to too much stress or pressure from work or home. Know someone undergoing through these? Get to know more about depression with these symptoms:

Misery — Death of a loved one can result to depression especially when the person refuses to accept the reality of losing them.

Remorse — That constant feeling of guilt, blaming yourself for what is happening around you. Thinking that if you haven't done this or that, the awful outcome would've been avoided.

Moodiness — You get irritated or angry even by the smallest things, and sometimes it gets harder to control your emotions.

Loss of Interest — May it be friends, family or even the activities they used to enjoy, they don't seem to have the will to interact. They sometimes have a hard time maintaining contact with friends and family.

These are the common symptoms of depression if you happen to know someone with these symptoms you can be their hope. Someone's depression may not be 'fixed' but being there for them, understanding them and listening to them may help.

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