Physical Pain When The Heart Is Broken

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Love is the greatest feeling one could feel at least once in their lives, it gives everyone joy and inspiration to live on with a huge smile plastered on their faces. The total opposite of that though can be the most loathed and the total opposite of love is the pain of a broken heart.

They say having your heartbroken helps you become stronger and wiser, but even the strongest warriors had to go through the hardest trials or stage. With a broken heart, pain is inevitable. Most of us, if not all, experience depression upon losing the person you loved the most, then everything went downfall.

Being broken hearted is not all in the mind, the physical body can be affected too. And to help you understand how the body and mind react with your heartbreak, here are some side effects of having a broken heart:

What is Sleep? — When you think emotional pain is all, think again. Emotional pain can also cause you physical pain, to start off, sleep can be hard attained since pain will exhaust you.

Feelings? What Are Those? — People with their heart broken, tend to numb themselves to avoid feeling pain both emotionally and physically. It's like their defense mechanism when pain strikes them, they numb themselves to save themselves from anxiety.

Was I Too Hasty? — Admit it, even after the breakup, we all stay strong by telling ourselves to never contact our ex forever. But here we are, holding our phone and staring at their contact, debating to text or call them. Then without much thought, a text was sent to the ex we promised ourselves to forget.

I Want Him/Her Back! — After being hasty and sending the ex a message, the desperation to have them back is real. You miss their presence around you and you just want everything to be normal again, which is unfortunately impossible right now. So, you cling to the thought of how nice would it be if you hadn't broken up.

Humanity Was too Cruel — With a broken heart, comes a broken trust, loyalty, honesty and the list of what was broken continues. One mistake and we tend to generalize that everyone is out to destroy us, we now have trust issues and have a hard time to believe that people will forever stay by our side since the one we treasured the most even left.

Love was indeed the tremendous feeling one could've ever felt, but the inescapable pain tags along with it. The list above is just a few of the many side effects of having a broken heart, just keep those in mind.

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