Rings of the Sea

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"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever."

-Jacques Cousteau

Proven to exist or not, mermaids seem to capture the hearts and minds of a lot of people who either love their beauty or are just curious of their existence. Whatever your belief is, admit it, mermaids are indeed an interesting topic to venture on.

Though no one proved their existence to be real, imaginative minds worked their way to make us love mermaids — from pictures, paintings and even jewelry. And it worked! Kids and adults alike wants to be a mermaid and feel how it is to be one with the sea; while for some who just can’t be a mermaid settled for jewelries like rings to show everyone how much they love the creatures that doesn’t seem to exist.

In some sources, mermaids are a symbol of seduction and temptation because of the tales and stories from a long time ago which said that mermaids lure men to the sea with the use of their beauty and kidnap them forever. On the other hand, other sources also said that mermaids are a symbol of charm, divinity, beauty and feminine essence, the reason why they are a perfect design for jewelries especially as a ring and the samples are shown above.


The mermaid rings from amazon are designed to make any mermaid lover stay classy and trendy while expressing their interest for mermaids. One of the rings is designed with a black pearl which is said to symbolize hope for the broken, and help them heal and protect them from negative energy. While the other ring is designed with a turquoise gem as its centerpiece, which is believed to protect anyone who wears it from evil spirits or energy, and improves leadership or gives you luck in your career.


So there you have it, for fashion gurus out there who are also tamed by the beauty of mermaids, then amazon's mermaid rings are for you. Go check it out and enjoy!

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