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““Spin the shot!, Spin the shot! Spin the shot!” they say but my head’s spinning more and more, “when will this spin the shot drinking game even end?” one more this spin the shot game then I’ll surely pass out.”


Planning a night out with your friends? Want your drinking sessions fun and exciting? Worry no more! This barbuzzo spin-the-shot will solve any boring drinking sessions you and your friends have during friday nights.

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This little guy can turn any boring drinking session, entertaining and interesting. Plus this is more convenient since you won’t worry about breaking any bottle when you played shot spin the bottle game, in this spin the bottle shot roulette, no bottles are needed since it comes with an arrow that spins 360 degrees to point any person it wants to take shot. No broken glass or bottles when use this so it’s pretty much safe! Just spin the arrow to know who’s turn is it to take the shot.



To give you an idea what games to play while you use this spin the shot, here are some fun and exciting games to make use of spin the shot:

  • NEVER HAVE I EVER WITH A TWIST - The normal never have i ever can be played anytime between friends right? Now this you can play this during your drinking session! A person volunteers first to share his or her never have I ever, here comes the twist, those who already experienced the said never have I ever will have to take a shot. Then the person who first shared his or her never have I ever will take the spin the shot then whoever the arrow lands will be the next to share and vice versa. Not only will it most of your friends drunk, it’s also a get-to-know kind of game


  • DRINK OR DARE - This is not the normal truth or dare we play even when we were kids, no truth will be shared but instead, you take a shot then spin the shot. Firstly, Prepare the dares, like ‘take a shot’, ‘drink your friends’ shot’, ‘you are safe from drinking a shot’ or ‘do spin the shot’ I’m sure you can think of many more dare to make your friends do. Then of course, prepare the spin the shot! This is the main ingredient, you spin the shot and whoever the arrow points will have to choose between drink or dare, and if he or she chose dare, then just let them pick a dare to do. Simple as that but it’s more thrilling!


  • PARANOIA, SPIN THE SHOT EDITION - Okay so everyone in this game should gather around the spin the shot and take a seat or squat on the floor, which ever you all may prefer. So here is how the game goes: a volunteer would go first and spin the shot, whoever the arrow lands, the volunteer would whisper a question like “Who has the prettiest and handsome face within the circle?” then the one who he or she whispered the question to will say the name out loud. If anyone wants to know the question to the answer, he or she must take a shot then the one who asked the question will whisper it him or her. So it’s called paranoia since it causes people to get paranoid. I must admit, this game is quite intriguing.

So those are game ideas that’ll hopefully make your spin the shot more enjoyable and lively. But there are so many games out there to make use of your spin the shot, you just have to put a little twists to some if you need to. Friends + Booze is always a fun combination, you get to see aside of them you don’t see, and they don’t also know.

““Spin the shot! Spin the shot! Spin the shot!” They say but my head says no, maybe just another spin the shot won’t hurt me physically. “Spin the shot! Spin the Shot! Spin the shot!” Everything’s spinning now, but I had fun.”

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