The Sattaj Collections Gift Guide for Teenage Girls

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The Sattaj Collections Gift Guide for Teenage Girls

Every day, somebody somewhere is celebrating their birthday. When someone you know is having a birthday coming up, of course an invitation is on its way to you for sure. It’s all fun and games until you’re stuck with that to give them. If you’re in the similar situation right now, today is your lucky day! This article will give you gift ideas for your teenage daughter, niece, friend, sister, or cousin. Here’s a variety of gift ideas that teenagers will surely love.

“YOUTH” Cap, $15.95

Topping off a laid-back outfit, this Youth Cap is the perfect piece to complete the look. It’s simple and cool, which are two of the top qualities in most of the teenager’s fashion sense these days. Plus points for keeping the hair at bay, especially on bad hair days! It comes in white and in millennial pink.

Fur Ball Earrings, $16.95

For the teenage girls who lean more on the girly side, they would probably love to have this fur ball long chain earrings in their wardrobe. It’s a perfect pair to bring a little bit of personality to what their wearing, especially for the girls who are past the tween years. This can also be very useful for parties or even in school events like prom. It comes in different colors including, pale pink, light turquoise, dark red, light brown, dark brown, white, and black.

Star Style Ring, $21.95

Adding some fun on the hand, this lovely star ring will look so pretty on a teenager’s finger. Although this looks more like something a tween would love, anyone who loves stars could wear this regardless of age.

Just to give you a little fun fact, a star is one of the most beautiful and enchanting symbols in the world. It is said to symbolize aspiration, inspiration, imagination, wonder, dreams, magic, creativity, and divine guidance. (Source:

It’s a 925 sterling silver ring which means that it will not fade and leave traces of green marks on your finger. This is one of the latest accessories in store, so make sure you get your hands on it first! You can buy this here and now at Sattaj Collections.

Kitten Wallet, $16.95

What’s not to love about kittens? It bring its cuteness to anything that you incorporate into. There are a lot of things infused with cat designs, including this adorable kitten wallet. It comes in a lovely design, pretty colors, and a great size for teens. You can choose from the colors available: rose pink, lavender blue/purple, beige, coffee brown, and black.

Pineapple Crossbody Bag, $22.95

Have you seen the trends lately? It involves gigantic watermelon floaties for the summer, banana sling bags, and now even pineapple crossbody bags! Aside from being so cute, it’s very Instagrammable. Give your teenage friend/relative an Instagram-worthy bag and buy this pineapple crossbody bag. It’s perfect for their days out with friends or a beach trip with the family. It comes in other colors as well, but the best one is of course the yellow and green which resembles the real fruit.

Got your eyes on anything yet? It gets better, you can shop these items all in one place! You guessed right, it’s all here in Sattaj Collections. If you’re interested in any of the products mentioned above, you can click the links and it will lead you to where you need to be. Should you want to shop for more, you can explore our online store and add your favorite items to cart. Happy shopping!

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