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Planning a trip away from home means more exciting memories, countless new photos, yummy food, and cold drinks. It’s all fun and games until two or three days before the travel date, you’re stuck with one of the most tedious pre-travel activities: PACKING.

A lot of my friends sent me long rants about how much they hate gathering all the things they have to bring and stuff it all in one luggage. Not only that, you have to be weight conscious so you won’t exceed the limit. Not a lot of people love this activity when it should be exciting as it’s the preparation of what’s coming ahead.

Let packing be a breeze by getting yourself Travel Packing Cubes! It comes in different colors and sizes. Plus, you get a drawstring bag for your shoes too! Here’s an ultimate guide for you to know how to properly use packing cubes, and maximize its purpose.


Packing Cube Tips

  1. The first thing you should remember is to not overpack. The travel cubes will lose its purpose if you stuff so many clothes and items inside it. You might not be able to zip up your suitcase if you have obese packing cubes.
  2. Use the rolling technique when it comes to our clothes. Make sure you press them tightly so you can fit as much as possible. There many ways to roll your clothes while maximizing space such rolling your socks together with your shirt. You can look up some visual tutorials online.
  3. Use soft and wireless pouches that can easily be pressed to keep it from taking up too much space.
  4. Divide into different categories. Pack clothes with clothes and put toiletries together. Arrange them well in each packing cube. Once you’re all set, you can start organizing the cubes in your luggage and see what else you can insert in the tiny spaces.


  • Organization. Say goodbye to messy luggages!
  • Accessibility.  When you need to find something, it will be easy for you to identify where you put it without having to unpack everything else.
  • Versatile. Aside from clothes and toiletries, you can use it for shoes, accessories, camera gear or other electronics.
  • Protection. One of the most common scenarios in traveling includes leaking toiletries and staining your things around. Think ahead and be prepared! Since packing cubes require you to separate your stuff, possible leaks and stains from shoes will be contained in its own packing cube keeping your other stuff untouched.
  • Reusable. You can use it again and again in all your future travels!


Keep your packing cubes fresh all the time by washing them after every travel! Rest assured that the fabric and design is durable enough to withstand all the washing. However, it’s probably best to skip the dryer.


Here’s to a hassle-free packing and a smooth travel! Keep in mind these guidelines so you can make the most out of your travel packing cubes. You can get this for as low as $16.99 so what are you waiting for? Click the links and start shopping! Let me close this guide with a very inspiring travel quote by Paulo Coelho, “Travel is never a matter of money, but of courage”. Happy travels!


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