This Fight Is Yours To Win

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It’s like drowning with no one else to help you out. It’s crying yourself to sleep on most nights with nothing but pillows and blankets to keep you company. It’s being mad at yourself for not being good enough. Any kind of struggle within, like there’s always a monster ready to attack you any time of the day.

Everyday there's always that mental battle they try to win but somehow helplessly fail, and we can't blame them if death seems to be the only way out. Maybe that’s why some people choose to stop fighting. That’s probably why they choose to end their stories just like that. The end. Period.

At this point, it would just be wishful thinking to let them know that it doesn’t have to end that way. There are many ways to go down a healthier path that will eventually help them win the battle against depression. If you are someone dealing the same kind of issues, the first thing you should know is it’s okay to ask for help because there are people who will guide you. If you know someone who is dealing with the same issues as you, educate yourself and the rest of the family. Understand what they are going through and go from there.

  1. Seek for Professional Help - One of the best people to guide someone who is suffering from depression is a trained professional like a psychologist or anyone who specializes in the same field. They are very good listeners, advisers and they can give you prescription medicines to help you outside the therapy sessions.
  2.  Listen and Be Open Minded - Whether it's you or a loved one with concerns regarding their mental health, you must be a good listener and keep an open mind. If you‘re the one in need of ears to listen, don’t push away the people who care about you and make sure you keep in mind what the doctor says. Cooperate with them in helping you win the fight. If you’re family/or friend, support them all the way. Listen to what they have to say, read between the lines if you must, because it shows how much you care. Be open and sensitive as you fight with them. Be their strength so they could come to you when they feel weak. Stay with them and let them know that they are not alone in this battle.
  3. Have a Daily Reminder - Always start and end the day with a reminder that life is beautiful. May it be a quote on your desk, or the wallpaper on your phone, a tattoo maybe, or even  something like a ring. Here’s a symbol that’s close to those who are suffering from depression: a semicolon. Many people are loving the semicolon trend as it reminds them not to give up and lose hope. If you like to be involved, you can totally rock this meaningful and beautiful heart semicolon ring from Sattaj Collections.

When you’re on the verge of giving up, always remember that there’s more to life than what meets the eyes. Go outside, play some feel-good songs, bake something, look at your heart semicolon ring, or talk to your mom and best friend. You were born in this world for a reason, don’t let anything hinder you from achieving greatness. Find your purpose, and enjoy the journey of discovering what it is. If you think that the world doesn’t need you, think again. Why do you think you’re here for?

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