Three Types of Depression

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They say the hardest battle to win is from within, thus struggling for peace and happiness seem futile. Depression, the silent illness one has been striving to break free. Unfortunately, to some, the only solution they found was to end their life to end their pain, end the game.

But what is this so-called silent killer called depression? It is an absolute illness which focuses on the brain and is more than just feeling "down". It is having a hard time concentrating and making decisions, even having a hard time remembering events. It is the thought of self-harm, thinking the pain will go away with it, and when depression becomes severe, it is having hallucinations and unwanted thoughts of death.

Depression is withdrawing from people you love because the chaos in the head is not making you well and making your loved ones worry is the last thing you want to see. Attempting to harm oneself thinking the pain will silence the demons.

So you see, depression brings a person to their lowest point in life without anyone noticing. But did you know even depression has its different types? Here they are:

1) Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) — Commonly known as clinical depression is characterized by a number of key features: low mood, change in weight and sleeping pattern, fatigue, feeling of guilt and inefficiency, trouble focusing and even thoughts of suicide.

2) Persistent Depressive Disorder — Once known as dysthymia, indicates to a type of chronic depression existing for days but not for 2 years. This type can be mild, moderate or even severe.

3) Bipolar Disorder — This commonly a mood disorder identified by periods of abnormally exalted mood known as mania. Some periods can be mild (hypomania) or at times they can be extreme to the point of deterioration of a person's life which may lead to hospitalization or even affect their sense of reality.

These are the common types of depression that some people are coping with, hoping to attain amity amidst the chaos in their head. Hope may seem dark to see but with the right people giving them light, then the burden will be lighter.

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