What Has Love Done?

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Love was liking the things they adore and so much more. Love was kind and just, it was more than earning their trust. Love was everything I expected it to be, it came with a price I did not agree to pay. So you see, love is not all happy and enchanting as you all want it to be. Reality forbids it to you and me.

When love fails, the heart knows and breaks as if it senses your defeat. You then feel those unwanted aches all over your chest, and your heart just hurts so much that it gets harder to breathe. Then you realize that a broken heart is just a myth, and what you're experiencing is not actually true.

Unfortunately, heartbreaks are real and it's an awful experience. Still, don't believe yours in the stage of having a broken heart? Then let me enlighten you on these scientific things that happen to your body when you undergo heartbreak:

Stress is Your Best Friend — If love can make you the happiest person on earth, then being heartbroken is the exact opposite of it. It feels like you're drowning in stress and it doesn’t seem to leave anytime soon.

Is Physical Pain (not) Real? — Upon your break up, have you ever felt as if air was knocked out of your lungs? Well, that's not the only thing your body can do when you are consumed by the pain of a heartbreak. Sadly, physical pain is real, and we all know pain demands to be felt.

Depression Is Coming — We all know that if not most, then some of those broken hearted get depressed after losing their lover. The absence of their partner is quite too much for them to handle, while some get traumatized by it.

Weight A Minute — If you do suffer from depression, then weight loss and weight gain are inevitable. There’s just something about food having a dose of comfort in each bite. You either eat the heartbreak away or not eat at all— nothing in between.

Who Am I Again? — Heartbreak can be so rough that doctors say you start to question your identity. It's true that being in a relationship somehow changes a person; so when it ends, that change of yourself will also end and you tend to be lost after it does.

So that's it! Heartbreak is real and is wistfully experienced by most if not many, the list above should be enough reason for everyone to take the matter seriously since heartbreaks and depression are somewhat connected.

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