What Is You Favorite Symbol of Love?

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What Is Your Favorite Symbol of Love?

Love is making breakfast for your parents. Love is taking her to work even when she didn’t ask to. Love is bringing him lunch as a surprise. Love is saving up to buy your brother’s favorite gaming keyboard. Love is cluelessly going to the beauty section to buy your sister’s favorite makeup. Love is coming home to a happy little puppy jumping around in excitement at the sight of you. Whatever love is  for you, one thing’s for sure: it’s a beautiful feeling.

It’s a classic trend to wear something meaningful. Anything on your body that’s symbolic is something very interesting — like a one letter necklace, a tattoo of a significant date in your life, or a ring that has a story behind. Because love is one of the best things to live for in this world, it’s very popular to find tattoos, fashion items, and decorations that symbolize this. No wonder there are a lot of symbols of love. Check it out!

1. Cupid — He is the roman winged god depicted with his bow and quiver of arrows who was born from the union of Mars and Venus. There’s a notion that a piece from a Cupid’s arrow will cause the victim to fall in love with someone. In the modern times, we often see Cupid during Valentine’s day, February 14.

2. Cupid’s Arrow — In relation to Cupid (previous item), his arrow has also become one of the most popular symbols of love. It is said that items that carry this symbol is usually given to someone’s significant other in the beginning of their relationship. To give you an idea, here’s a Cupid’s Arrow Ring brought to you by Sattaj Collections.  

3. Heart Shape — Everyone knows the heart shape. People of all ages use it as a symbol of love. It’s the easiest to draw and to remember. However, no one really knows where this originated.

In FIU News, Dr. Sheldon Cherry, a professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology in the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine, had an interview with Dr. Red Corazon, a prominent cardiologist who happens to be 2000 years old, back in 2013 in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

When asked about how the heart shape became the symbol of love, Dr. Corazon said that people in the ancient times believed that the heart was the center of all human emotions. It is in the center of the chest and thus leading them to think that the heart was  the center of emotions. And since love is a strong emotion, the heart became the symbol of love.

4. Diamonds — Did you know that the Greeks believed that diamonds were tears of the gods and that the Romans believed they were splinters of fallen stars? Regardless of their beliefs, diamonds are allegedly worn to symbolize eternal love and commitment. One source mentioned that it might have originated from the arrows of Cupid which is said to have diamond tipped arrows. These days, you may see this commonly among jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, etc.

5. Tulips and Roses — Flowers are widely known as meaningful gifts to someone you love. Their beauty is in its purest form and it’s a gift that’s hard to top. The most popular flowers that symbolize love are Tulips and Roses. Tulip’s velvety black center is said to represent a lover’s heart, darkened by the heat of passion. On the other hand, the rose has been the most appreciated symbol of divine and romantic love, beauty and perfection. Different colors add further meaning as a romantic symbol — a yellow rose symbolizes joyful love, a red rose represents passion and immortal love, while pink symbolizes first love.

6. Doves — Commonly seen during weddings, doves have long been considered a symbol of faithful and eternal love because they tend to stay with the same partner during the mating season. Not only that, it is said that male doves help the female dove incubate and care for their young which shows devotion and love between the two. Two doves together is said to symbolize everlasting love, which is why it is commonly used as part of a wedding program.

Love is one of the most beautiful things in this world that six symbols of love are not enough to represent it. There are actually a lot more and some of the most common ones include the maple leaves, claddagh symbol, apples, celtic love knot (which is also popular among rings and other pieces of jewelry), and kokopelli. Seeing these depictions or giving/receiving gifts that represent love will surely make our hearts flutter and our cheeks blush.

You can make your loved ones feel special in simple ways like by telling them you love them, or you could go an extra mile and buy them something meaningful. We recommend  this Cupid’s Arrow Ring from Sattaj Collections! This will let your partner know that just like any other victims of Cupid, you are hopelessly in love with him/her and that ring will remind them everyday that you do. Love is being thoughtful and doing everything to make them smile. So buy now and show some love!

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