You Can Never Have Too Much Rings!

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According to the dictionary, “collection” is the action or process of collecting something. There many people from around the world who collect something they’re so fond about such as different playing cards, signed photos of celebrities, and action figures. For women specifically, usually their collection involves fashion — dresses, costumes, shoes, bags, jewelry.

It’s a very satisfying feeling to have found something unique and interesting to add to any of your collection. Speaking of which, today’s a lucky day for all the ring lovers and collectors out there. We bring you the hottest item on the market which will make you dance in excitement!

This is the Magpie Ring. It has two birds facing each other, with sparkly gemstones on their body. If you’re a collector of fashion accessories like this one, this is going to be a great addition to all your other rings. You can wear it on a random casual day, or more specifically to a themed party. It’s a 925 sterling silver which is a very reliable kind of material for any accessory.


To give this ring a little bit more than just what meets the eye, here are a few fun facts about Magpie Birds!


  • Contradicting the design of this ring, Magpies are actually do not like shiny things.
  • Did you know that Magpies are omnivores? It is said that the consume grains, berries, nuts and fruit during the winter, eggs, chicks and rodents during the spring and insects during the summer.
  • These adorable flying creatures are able to recognize their own reflections in mirrors.
  • Magpies can survive around 5 years in the wild.
  • One of the defining  features of a magpie is their tail which is often the same length as their entire body.

Awesome, right? Imagine how cooler it must be to wear this magpie ring! Shop now and show it off to your friends and family in your next get together. If you love your ring collection, you’ll do yourself a favor by adding this one in. Always remember, you can never have too many rings! Buy now and happy shopping!

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