Accessories - Belt


Belt (Clothing)


The accessories fashion belt are used to hang up tightly the pants on the waistline without falling it into the ground. Basically, it is made of heavy or leather cloth, and it is exclusive for the waist’s use only. Nevertheless, it is worn for the purpose of supporting any type of lower clothing.


Accessories belts


Before the year 1920’s, the solely purpose of wearing belts is for fashion or decorative sense and would sometimes corresponds to military service. However, on  the latter part of 1920’s that men started wearing belts, because trousers would fell from their waists.

On the other hand, in sportswear, belts in trousers has been existing even in the 19th century. Some of the belts, the tightly cinced accessories belts, to be specific, gives the wearer more masculine physique, the emphasizes shoulders the most and the pouting chest.

In Sattaj collections, accessories belt are in variety of style, color and use. There are leather, designer’s brand, metal buckle, crocodile pattern, belt pin with match colours of black, brown and leather brown.

Famous brands like Sumeiki, San Vitale, Kaven Peter, Eagleborn, Pateroy, Crystal, Destiny, Fralu, GeersiDan, and Cowather.