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The rays of sun can be harmful to the naked eyes amidst it’s magnificent beauty. It can cause temporary blindness if the eyes would look at it just for a few seconds. Aside from its effects, it can be annoying, too.


How an eyewear accessory works


The polarized lenses contains a special chemical to protect the eye from the strikes of the sun. Furthermore, the chemical’s molecules are specially designed to line up and block few of the lights that passes through the sunglasses’ lens.

Nevertheless, the sunglasses that’s been polarized creates a filtered horizontal spaces that only horizontal lights could pass through. This means that those vertical lights will be blocked to avoid entering through the openings.

This is why when you wear your sunglasses, the image are darker than what they really seems and a reason why the objects will look clearer and crisper which makes it easier to see the tiny details of the view. Those people who wore polarized eyewear accessories are more often to be less tired even after the long hours of using it.

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