Accessories - Jewelry Set

Sparkling Jewelry

A personal ornaments contains a very small decorative gem stone worn for beautification on oneself. There are many types of jewelries like rings, brooches, earrings, bracelets and pendants and it can be attached on the body, or even in the clothes.

Fashion Jewelry Sets

This is a holistic ornamental that uses different decorative sparkling stones, silver or even beads and similar raw materials like coral and amber, shells and precious metals. Mostly, jewelries are used for numerous rituals in majority of the cultures to send away bad spirits. Nevertheless, these ornaments may be essential and highly influential to other cultures, but are less common on other parts of the continents.

These jewelries to countless of people symbolizes their vows and love for eternity.

Nowadays, it has been adorn almost in every part of the body part, from the toe rings to hairpins. The patterns for each jewelry varies depending on the age and the culture.

In Sattaj collections, there are available cheap jewelry sets that uses fashionable and refined gemstones. These can be used and be utilized in specific occasions and events. In addition, the available brands that can be chosen from are ZOSHI, Lindo, and also Dainashi.