Regular and Plus size NightGown


Women’s Long Sleeve Nightgowns

One of the factors to get a good night’s sleep is through what you wear. Since we sleep every day, it’s no doubt that having the perfect sleepwear is a must in every closet. For women, a night gown is one the best choices of sleepwear one should possess. It’s comfortable, breathable and stylish. Here at Sattaj Collections, we want you to have the best. There’s a wide variety of women’s long sleeve nightgowns, as well as sleeveless ones you could choose from.

Long Cotton Nightgowns

This type of nightgown is big on comfort when trying to get some beauty sleep. It’s light & breathable fabric helps you feel cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold. Say goodbye to nights when you wake up in the middle of the night feeling hot or feeling so cold you have to get up and grab another blanket. A cotton nightgown is also a better option for those with allergies. This fabric is hypoallergenic thus it won’t cause irritation and trigger allergies.

Long Silk Nightgown

When you want a sensual sleepwear for whatever reason, you can never go wrong with a silk nightgown. It’s soft, smooth and lightweight which gives you a good sleep. These features of silk nightgown is what draws people to love anything silk. It may look like a delicate piece but it’s actually as durable as a cotton nightgown when it’s handled with care. The intimate and glossy look of silk gives any woman who wears it a sexy touch, which is perfect for a slumber party with friends.

Sexy Long Nightgowns

Look elegantly sexy with nightgowns brought to you by Sattaj Collections. From cotton to silk to lace patterns and different designs, rest assured you have the best sleepwear when you buy from us. A nightgown is the sleepwear staple your closet is begging you to buy, and it’s good investment to sleep comfortably at night while being in style.

Plus Size Long Nightgowns

If you’re big on bigger sizes to get extra room for comfort, plus size long nightgowns are here for you. There are a number of plus size long nightgowns for a 100% guaranteed comfortable slumber. The lightweight & soft fabric and cute designs are what makes a good sleepwear and it’s just something you need to have. Browse through all the sleepwear here at Sattaj Collections and take your pick.

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