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PETPETROL 2018 Durable Tactical Dog Leash//Safe Tactical Bungee Dog Leash

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If you are looking for a K9 training bungee leash with control handle, this one is the right one ready for you, which helps guide the puppy or dog.

We loves our customers and it shows in the quality of our work, our high level of customer service, and the affordable price we offer so everyone can afford to enjoy life in the outdoors.

Brand Name: PetPetrol

Item: Dog Training Leash

Material: Nylon


Length:85-118cm / 33.5-46.5inch(Stretched)

Width: 2.5cm / 1 inch

Main Material: Nylon

EVA Padded control handle

Ideal for Alaska, Samoyed, Shepherd,Su Mu,Golden,Tibetan mastiff etc.


Package includes:

1 x OneTigris Tactical Dog K9 Training Bungee Leash only


Bungee Leash Dog Training

Tactical dog leash - a great choice for pet owners who want to discipline their little four-legged friend. A tactical bungee leash can still allow your pet to move around but when it gets too much for you and notice there is a change of behaviour to your pet, you can easily tug them to calm down or stop. A tactical dog leash have a lot of benefits for both the owner and pets, here are some of it:

No Force Needed - With the canine tactical gear, you won't have to use so much force to control your pet when they misbehave. The canine gear itself can be handled gently and does the work for you.

Near, Far, Wherever They Are - Your pets can be curious like humans and they want to explore the unknown as much as we do, so when you both go out for a walk or a little jog and they get too curious and sniff whatever seems new to them, you can control them with the tactical dog leash. They won't wander far and will stick by you.

Less Hassle, More Protection - To some pet owners, their pets aren't just a four-legged animal but they are family. You also want them protected like how you protect your family, so you don't want them wandering to dangerous places. Here's where the tactical dog leash comes in and lessens the hassle of you putting it on and off of them, while disciplining them.


Tactical Bungee Dog Leash

Fortunately, Sattaj Collections is the right place for you search for high quality tactical dog leash. Sold at an affordable price to keep your budget intact.


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