PETPETROL 2018 Pet Shoes Anti-slip Cotton Soft Leather Cashmere Warm Booties Boots Belt Dog Winter Footwear

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  • Prevent pet's feet from dirty or harming, also protect your furniture’s, Cool at any occasion, Special at friend /family party or walking in streets.
  • Function: Warm, Anti-slip, Comfortable and Durable, Fashion Fabulous Soft Pets Shoes Boots.
  • Material: Leather Cashmere, Unique Design, 3 Method to Wear. Best Christmas Gift for your Pet.

Steps of choosing the dog boots:

1. Place a front paw on a piece of white paper.

2. Then press it down just like the dog is walking on the ground.

3. Then mark the paw as the right picture to verify the length and width.

4. Reserve some spaces to keep snug fit, usually within 0.1"~0.2", the larger the paw is, the more reserved.

Size chart:

· Size Shoes Width Shoes Length

· XS 3.5cm/1.37" 4.4cm/1.73"

· S 3.8cm/1.49" 4.7cm/1.85"

· M 4.0cm/1.57" 5.0cm/1.96"

· L 4.4cm/1.73" 5.5cm/2.16"

· XL 4.8cm/1.88" 6.0cm/2.36"

Brand Name: PetPetrol

Type: Dogs

Materials: Leather