Peignoir Set

A peignoir is a woman’s light dressing gown or negligee, usually for sleeping or intimate sessions with a romantic partner. When you say women’s clothes, sleepwear rarely comes to mind because honestly, you can wear anything to bed. It may be safe to say those peignoir items are underrated fashion pieces.

As you can see, Shaapro by Sattaj Collections has peignoir sets for sale waiting to make your closet its new home. There are a number sleepwear choices including cotton crop top and shorts set, vintage peignoir set plus size, sexy rompers, silk nightgowns, bathrobes, lingeries and many more. Whatever you want, rest assured we have it for you and all of good quality.

Vintage Peignoir Set Plus Size

You may have seen that there are alluring dresses inspired by the people in the olden times — fringe, retro, high waist and polka dots. To cater to different body types, we have plus size peignoir sets as well. There are sizes from large to 4XL. This way, all women with different body types will be able to wear intimate apparel and vintage peignoir sets plus size in a comfortable and stylish manner.

Comfort should be everyone’s top priority when shopping for clothes. Style may be what meets the eye but if you feel uneasy, then why should it matter? Sleepwear and intimate apparels like peignoir should have three important features: comfortable, fashionable and sexy. Here at Sattaj Collections, Shaapro has all the qualities you are looking for. From cotton to silk and from sexy to decent, you can find it here. In just a few clicks, one of these peignoir sets will be yours. Buy now!


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