Water socks

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Model Number: 110970
Brand Name: VKTECH
Age: Adult
Size: XL
Material: Neoprene
Color: Blue, Green
Pattern: : 2 types, as showed
Size: M-XXXL
Features: Elastic and comfortable to wear


Water socks mens

A water socks’ main purpose is to reduce or prevent irritation from wearing fins. Constant rubbing can cause blisters and soreness on your feet, so to protect your precious feet from it, neoprene aqua socks is here to save your summer holiday! The neoprene aqua socks are an essential for your summer getaway, and when you are suffering from an allergic reaction cause by any rubber based-product.


Best Aqua Socks For Swimming

Summer is coming, but are you ready for it? Sattaj Collections of neoprene aqua socks is a must have for your summer vacation, they are perfect water booties for snorkelling and are comfortable to wear. Water shoes alone are enough to protect your feet from the rough sand or a prick from animals that camouflage under the sea, but sand can still get in your water shoes and that’s where the neoprene water socks come in handy. The neoprene aqua socks help protect your feet from unwanted sand and little objects from getting in your shoes which can cause irritation from constant rubbing.


Neoprene aqua socks from Sattaj Collections - made of high quality neoprene material that’s durable yet comfy to wear, has a variety of colour for you to choose and match your summer outfit. So what are you waiting for? Complete your summer essentials with Sattaj Collections’ neoprene aqua socks, that’s affordable and everything you expect a neoprene water socks should be. Visit Sattaj Collections for summer ready picks at an affordable price!

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