Pave Setting Black Marcasite Blink Ring

Pave Setting Black Marcasite Blink Ring

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Material: Crystal
Setting Type: Pave Setting
Metals Type: Zinc Alloy
Rings Type: Cocktail Ring


What is a Marcasite?

To give you an overview, a marcasite is known as a brittle stone that crumbles easily, and is lighter than a pyrite. It reveals a yellow hue and has a bit of brassy texture. There are a lot of ways people have spelled this stone such as “markazite, marquesite, marcosite, markasite, marchasite, marcazite, and marquasite” but it’s actually just marcasite.

The name of its charm is said to come from a Greek word that means “a gem which hits fire”. It’s said to be a powerful shield from negative vibes. On top of that, it overcomes inactivity and the feelings of inadequacy as it energizes the space where it is placed.


Black Marcasite

The luster of this gemstone is metallic with dark gray to black shades. It’s a great addition to a jewelry design as it gives an edgy look to anyone who wears it. Just like this Pave Setting Black Marcasite Blink Ring by Sattaj Collections is a perfect example of how the black marcasite is taken advantage of in order to create a stylish piece.

To make things more interesting, the marcasite is said to have a calming effect which attracts wealth and inspires creativity of a person wearing it. Moreover, this stone similar to gold in its luster and that’s why it is accepted as a good luck charm to some people when it comes to money and good fortune.

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